Plutron supplies you with systematic and all-round
technical support both pre-sales and after sales.

    In Window Fabrication

    Marketing & Sales support to assist customers in developing the market

  • Help customers decrease barriers in sales work

  • Accompany sales personnel and recommend the partners to real estate projects. Help customers to increase market share.

  • Technical support in the manufacturing plant and in the installation.

  • Share experiences in all aspects with customers.

  • Send technicians to participate in workshop training to solve problems in operation.

  • Supply extensive training in business and technical matters in the professional training centre.

    In Real Estate

    Technical support to provide the customer with all-round service

  • Quick feedback according to the customer's requirements. Assist to optimise window design plans and material costs.

  • Provide assistance in overall process technology from window design, material selection to production and installation.

  • Marketing & Sales support to assist the customers -to improve the competitive capabilities.

  • Assist the customers in the sales activities with Plutron sales references, press work and product training.

  • Recommend good window manufacturers to help the customers in creating outstanding quality buildings.